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Posted on 2011.02.17 at 08:53

Sally went first. When we got home last night, the headlights flashed the shed - it's raised up off the ground a couple feet...and...hm...something was under there. Sally had gone under the shed, probably to get away from Sam the Ram, and she was licking a little tiny lamb. I got her wrapped up in a towel, and seduced Sally into the barn, where she promptly started panting, and, you guessed it...gave birth to #2.


The little (white) lamb has just stood up for the first time in this pic.

Man, I am getting cavities just looking at this much sweetness.

Now it's Holly's turn. She's been having a rough week and a half. We've been doctoring her for high ketones...she went into toxemia...also known as twins syndrome. Mama can't get enough nutrition...it all goes to the babies, and her metabolism goes out of whack. We thought we were going to lose her, but she seems to be back...eating hay, drinking water, all systems go. I'm still supplementing with vitamins and calcium. Hopefully, the stimulation of having Sally and the twins in the barn with her (separated by a bale of hay) will get her goin'!

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