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Sheep & their Peeps

Posted on 2010.08.15 at 18:57
See, it began with a spindling lesson at the depot a couple years ago. I taught Lenore how to spin, and, well, it stuck, and she became...an addict. Addicts need their fixes on a regular basis, and they need more and more and higher and higher quality stuff, as time goes by. Adding fiber critters to the homestead was inevitable. I'm delighted to have, in some small way, instigated this process.

Lambert and the GA Folk

Ah...welcoming us on the tour is Lambert. Lambert is a GCN ram lamb about ohh, 5 months old. He's the half-brother of my twins, Holly and Sally. He's been very cranky, driving his poor (brand new) shepherd insane.

The New Nichols Crew

To the rescue come "the flock of 3" - all the way from Georgia. That brown faced lad (wether) is a Gulf Coast X Suffolk. The two fair dames beside him are GCN all the way. They are half-sisters of my ram lamb Sam.

Lenore N Lambert

This is Lenore. Well, this is the top of Lenore's head. She's the new mama to the flock. She is very excited and happy that the flock of 3 has decided to move in. Now, Lambert has stopped his incessant hollering.

The Hancock Kids

Ahhh, Martha and Randall. Enablers extraordinaire. The best. Sweet. Hearts. Ever. Driving down from Georgia with a vehicle full of sheepy wondrousness to spread the love and keep this endangered breed going. We love you guys!


enchylatta at 2010-08-16 15:36 (UTC) (Link)
sheep have the sweetest little faces - i would just want to hug them all the time
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