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aestlight unblocked

While clearing the decks for the annual spinning challenge - le Tour de Fleece - I found a skein of commercially spun yarn...Schaefer Anne. I'd bought this sock yarn a few years ago, before I became determined to use only my own handspun. The put-up is generous, 560 yards of a merino/mohair blend. The color of this yarn - sage, slate, tan...vaguely camouflage. No, I didn't want hunting socks. But I wanted to get rid of this yarn. So, I looked for a fingering weight yarn challenge, and found it in Gudrun Johnston's shawl pattern, Aestlight. The pattern called for 550 yards of fingering weight...and even thought I'm known to be a loose knitter, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Well, it took a week to knit, very part time. It's a fast knit, no doubt because it is a paean to the garter stitch. Talk about easy!

Le Tour starts on July 3, to coincide with le Tour de France, and actually follows the flow of the race. I'm on a team: Team Hopelessly Overcommitted. That does fit, doesn't it? My challenge is to complete the rest of the yarn for Tom's Gracie sweater - a sport weight that I'm spinning from about a CVM/Romney fleece. Expect updates...
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